Hello! My name is Katie, I’m 23 years old and I have recently been diagnosed with POTS after years and years and YEARS of struggling. I just wanted to reach out and meet more people who might be able to relate to my situation.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Lady_Gaga


    24 and just diagnosed after 2.5 years!

  • Lady_Gaga


    feel free to message me!

  • Wanderinglumos


    24 and have had pots for years and only the past year was diagnosed! Feel free to message me if you wanna chat! :)

  • LixiKat


    I am actually trying to get diagnosed with it I have all the symptoms and I get gaslighted because my age

    • _Aja_


      the same thing happened to me! They literally did all the test and (according to another one of my doctors) I met all of the diagnostic criteria, but my cardio still refused to budge! I’m SO glad I’ve changed doctors!

  • ghibli


    20 and diagnosed last year! i feel like i’m in the same position as you!😅

  • em0606


    22 and diagnosed last summer after having symptoms my whole life, getting worse at 16

  • Mandranarums


    20 and just diagnosed a few weeks ago. You can always message if you wanna chat.

  • Paigey


    Hi Katie! I am 26 and have been dealing with it for years too. I just got diagnosed this year and have been trying to do a million things to feel better. It’s been overwhelming and some days I get very down. But I keep trying to pick myself up and stay positive. It’s just very hard when you don’t have others who understand what your going through.

  • Beeble


    feel free to message us! we getcha :)

  • Aayla


    Hi Katie! I’m 24 and just diagnosed, I’m pretty new to all this, but it’s tough for sure and it would be great to meet other people going through the same thing. Feel free to reach out!

  • Blobster


    I'm 21, I was just diagnosed with pots a few months ago, I've been suffering with it for 10 years now (I've been seeing doctors almost the entirety of that time)

  • MiniCapp


    Howdy! 24 here, was diagnosed with POTS around 2012. As of recently I got to add IST (inappropriate sinus tachycardia) to the party. Currently trying to barr heart failures entrance. It has been quite the journey! Feel free to reach out if you'd like, you're not alone! 🤗🌵💛

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