I’ve been having cycles more often. I haven’t had any major ones for around 5 months, but have had periods of paranoia, delusions, self-hatred, urges, and stuff like that. It’s been happening for around a week now.

Im not on any medications. I wish I could find something I didn’t have to take all the time, but could take just when it’s acting up.
Does anyone have any advice?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • MeRiCa


    I feel the same way that my bpd cycles 😥. I will do good for like a week or so ,I will not split, my thoughts will not be intrusive (I will have fleeting thoughts but nothing that cripples me.. but I stuff those thoughts deep down because I don't want to deal with them on a good day,..😥) then out of the blue bam I hate myself. I am not good enough (for any one or anything) I try and do mind numbing things like watching shows (that I can not compare my life to.. like family guy or something just legit mind numbing) I color and do there crafts. I also try and journal every day even if it's one word! It has helped so much! I am here if you need to talk,! 💘 eRiCa

    • Mbgjvb


      that’s good advice. I’m thankful to hear that. I’ll probably focus on drawing or music. Usually I listen to music to help ground Thank you so much!!!

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