Does anyone feel like they are going to pass out during or after showering? I don’t take very hot showers for reference. I’m also always really hot after.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

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  • Lew_Bear


    Yes! I avoid showering bc of it and usually can’t leave the house (and can barely leave bed) for hours after I shower

    • Lew_Bear


      I also have POTS though

  • Sunshine_Sue


    That used to happen to me all the time when I had low blood pressure. I would definitely tell your dr about that. You could get seriously hurt if you pass out in the shower or getting out of the shower.

  • wise


    I have passed out in the shower on more than one occasion and these days, a shower is an all day event with the amount of recovery time I need afterwards 😅

  • PEMprincess


    Hey, yes! I skip the days that I feel too weak to make it to the shower bc I know I’ll probably pass out by the time I get in. I was stubborn about sacrificing my hot water 😭I commend you. What did work for me is investing in a small stool or fold out chair!!! Allows you to sit while you attempt to bathe and use 60 seconds of standing up toward the end if you please for a more thorough wash & rinse!

  • PEMprincess


    Stool/folding chair may allow you to introduce a little more heat to your water if you miss it. Can also try having a bottle of water and a small snack (fruit, granola, a bar, cut veggies, maybe something a little less healthy if that’s all you could tolerate to eat in the moment) to keep you better hydrated & energized before you’re in. Never hurts. Hope this helps! 💝💝💝 Happy healing

  • MissLucy_101719


    Yup I have a shower chair I got for free (brand new!!) From a neighbor

  • A_Delicate_Flower


    Yes. Have you looked into POTS?

  • rne


    Look into dysautonomia. I have it and showering is one of my hardest activities. No matter the temp

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