Being a good person has never done anything good for my life


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  • Another_Joe


    I guess the opposite would be “being a bad person has always been beneficial for me.” Speaking I’m absolutes and framing the world in black and white may not be the best place to live. We need breathing room as people. You can be a good person and set boundaries and tell people that you can’t help them. It’s important to advocate for ourselves and fill our cup first so we can then fill other cups. I took care of my alcoholic brother and drug addict ex girlfriend for like 10 years, they just used me. I was neither good nor bad. I was just a person trying to help them but I was not wise enough to see that the relationships were toxic and co-dependent. I am a better person because I had this experience. It’s hard to frame bad things that happen to us as beneficial in our lives. Like long Covid has wrecked my life but I am building myself a new life. Hopefully a better one. Though it’s hard to say that when I wake up every morning shaking with tremors and my teeth permanently chatter now. I am better now then when I started my recovery from Covid so that’s a plus. Have to keep looking forward. I have battled depression my whole life. Acceptance and the belief good days will come is crucial. Even if we feel shitty and it’s okay and expected to feel shitty. Okay coming down off the soap box now. Sorry about the rant.

    • Sorasaves


      thank you for this

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