my mom got covid last week, and since then, it’s severely triggered my health anxiety. if there’s a chance any of my clothes or anything touched something that could’ve had covid on it, it’s like i HAVE to wash it or else i’ll get covid. it’s made it really hard to get dressed with clothes and sleep on sheets that my brain thinks are clean. i’m pretty sure this has gone beyond reason since i’ve washed some of the same clothes twice in the past two days when i didn’t even wear them, and i can’t use two of my normal bags since they could’ve had contaminated clothes in them. am i taking things too far? i’m really struggling to get through the day even with worrying that something on me is contaminated.

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  • milktea


    i wanna say it’s not too far bc you’re just making sure that you don’t get sick. and not spread it, which is admirable bc ppl act like COVID doesn’t exist anymore. but on the other hand, if this is something that you’re obsessing over, it probably not healthy for you. like, especially if you can’t get through the day. have you felt this way with other sicknesses before? or maybe felt that way about contamination? contamination OCD is a thing and if it’s been recurring, i would definitely talk to someone about it. not a dr obviously but this is a little concerning. you shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable like that.

  • carter._.16


    I've dealt with similar things. It's really hard to get past that first bit where all you do is worry worry worry. And the best thing is to just tell yourself 'whatever happens, happens' And the more you tell yourself this, the less you'll worry. It's not fool proof and it doesn't always work, but you can't control what happens. And its hard to get that through to your brain when you have bad health anxiety. But if you can find a way to take a step back from the bad thoughts, and try to just access the fact that things are going to happen, then at some point you might be able to break past the initial barrier of bad thoughts

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