Hi fellow IC alikes! Has anyone else here experienced remission?

Generalized pain

Chronic interstitial cystitis

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  • Preschool_Teacher


    No not in 30 yrs

  • Lexigirl


    Yes, it comes & goes... I have it mostly controlled by the foods I eat. Until I over do it usually with beer, wine or highly acidic foods then it flare up until it goes away. I was diagnosed in 2007 & tried everything out there. Even learned how to do my own bladder cocktails at home. Finally I said enough is enough. Every time I inserted the catheter it just made it worse. So I quit everything & just omitted all acidic foods and drinks.

    • K.E


      my diet is a LIFESAVER for my bladder I cannot eat anything acidic or spicy or else I swear I will feel it within hours and it can cause a flare up. The worst flare I’ve ever had was from a spicy chicken sandwich that left me bed-bound for three days

      • Lexigirl


        Ugh! I totally know that feeling. Take care, And God bless you!

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