Hello! I just downloaded this app in hopes to get some help dealing with unexpected anxiety. I just graduated college and moved home to work a remote job and have had severe anxiety, which I haven’t experienced before. I initially thought this was related to taking medication for hypothyroidism, but has persisted even when stopping. Does anyone have recommendations to minimize this anxiety and dealing with it when it starts?



Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • ComfortablyNumb


    Something that helped me with anxiety was accepting it fully when I started feeling very anxious. I noticed anxiety got worse when I focused on making it go away and passed quickly when I acknowledged it and reassured myself that it's just a natural function that won't hurt me. Highly recommend looking up Therapy in a Nutshell's anxiety videos on YouTube. They literally changed my life

  • tacita


    The first thing I suggest is trying to find out what helps reground you. Hugs, plushes, pets, smells, these can help pull you away from your brain's attacks. After that is just getting people you can trust to tell, "I have anxiety, I will shut down and have an attack sometimes, this is what it looks like, and this is what helps me stay grounded. If you see me doing this, do the thing that helps, or get me to somewhere I can do the thing myself"

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