I had an EMG today. The doctor confirmed there was nerve compression in my wrist with the CTS. And on top of that they found compression in the rt arm from the C6-7 vertebrae and recommended seeing a surgeon. I had surgery 3 years ago on 4-5 and they told me then it was collapsing. I’m 45 and looks like I’m going to be having carpal tunnel surgery soon and most likely cervical spine fusion.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

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  • cafsmom


    I’m having an EMG this Friday. Doctor is suspecting cubical tunnel syndrome which is where the nerve near elbow is being compressed.

  • UnicornGranny


    It was not incredibly painful. But man with neuropathy it feels so weird. The needle part is tiny uncomfortable but it’s tolerable.

  • cafsmom


    I’ve actually had one done before and remember it being slightly uncomfortable.

  • Kadair


    I have an issue with my C5-C6-C7. Also just had surgery in January for my right wrist and in February my left. I had an EMG done as well however the neurologist decided she didn't think my neck needed to have the test done. So, now I am fixing to do physical therapy for a bit before going back to my neurosurgeon to see if that helps or not. If it doesn't them I will have the EMG done on my neck. The neurologist that did my EMG is not with my neurosurgeon or the same hospital! Anyway, my neurosurgeon thought the carpel tunnel surgery would help my neck pain but it hasn't she was pretty pissed that the neurologist didn't do the EMG on my neck too!

    • UnicornGranny


      I do not use neurosurgeons I find they always want to wait to point of possible permanently damaged nerves before they will do anything to help.

      • Kadair


        the neurosurgeon I see is very good and always explains what is happening. I don't have anything that is so bad for them to do surgery and actually I am glad for the time being. Neck surgery will take so much longer to heal than my wrists. My mother and sister-in-law had their neck surgery and it took them a long time to heal. Also I am going to add that there is still a lot they can not do. My mother can not raise her arms above her head and can not turn her head to see what is beside her in either direction. So I am happy to wait on that! They gave me the choice at the neurosurgeon to also have pain management on my neck. I turned that down as I do not want needles stuck in my neck. Does not sound like my cup of tea. Anyway, I think it depends on the neurosurgeon you see, have you looked into a second opinion by chance?

  • Reallyhopeful


    😥 That is sad news. I just had carpel tunnel surgery three weeks ago. My hand is doing well. Compared to my knee replacement, carpal tunnel surgery is a breeze! Spine surgery is no joke though! My friend had bones in his neck replaced! That is so crazy! He is doing very well and is happy that he had it done. I pray that your surgery goes just as well ❤️‍🩹

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