i’ve been sick on and off with flu symptoms and fevers for over a month. i had strep for weeks but it apparently just went away and isn’t what’s causing symptoms- covid, mono, lymes all negative. blood looks completely normal and doesn’t show a single sign i’ve been sick. i’m sick of living this way and i wish i had answers

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  • Tomato


    Can you be more specific? Where is your pain located? Are there any other symptoms?

    • Jea


      i’ve had the worst chills i’ve ever had in my life, so cold i’m in tears bc of how uncomfortable i am just can’t warm up no matter what, it starts with my hips and legs ACHING and then my whole body aches and feels sensitive to the touch, like when you have a fever and your skin hurts. and i have no appetite and don’t wanna eat at all for days, which is unlike me bc i normally eat a lot. my highest fever so far has been 103.3 and i’ve had a fast heart rate (around 110-130) which only sometimes goes down with my fever. this is still going on but i’ve gotten more blood work, some of which came back abnormal- for example i have a pretty high sed rate (around 49) and some others but mostly looks pretty okay. apparently blood work indicates there’s definitely some kind of infection and seems autoimmune. not contagious

  • Lavendar_Sapphire


    This flu season is really bad. I’ve been severely sick three times since the start of September. (I’m currently sick now) RSV is infecting adults more than any year before. The common cold has mutated with a vengeance. Have you been tested for the different strands of flu or for RSV?

    • Jea


      yes i was tested for all of these a couple of times at this point, all negative. i’m not contagious either as i’ve been around my boyfriend and family/friends endless times and nobody else has gotten sick. this started the end of September

  • nettle


    you said you were tested for mono - did you have a monospot test or EBV antibody tests done? monospot tests can be unreliable or only show early infections i think whereas full EBV panels show early and persisting antibodies. i had a negative monospot test but super high EBV antibodies (not the early ones). if you do have EBV it’s not necessarily the cause of your symptoms but it could be something to look into. sorry you have been dealing with this!

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