Hi! New here. I recently got prescribed hydroxyzine for my anxiety and I’ve only tried it a couple times. (Just to sleep) I’ve been told I probably have some level of health anxiety which are making my physical symptoms even worse. Because of where I live, the weather is constantly changing and I’ve had some really bad ENT symptoms that won’t go away. For the past two months I’ve been consistently negative for both Covid and strep and the doctors keep telling me to just keep taking allergy medicine but nothing will help my extremely sore throat and clogged ears and dry cough. My anxiety is taking over and getting so bad that I’m literally getting depressed and not wanting to do anything and even canceling plans with my loved ones. Any advice out there? Should I take the medicine or anything else? Thank you in advance. I just don’t like taking a lot of pills I’m not used to. 💕


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  • KG0918


    I got prescribed Hydroxyzine for sleep as well and it seems pretty dangerous. There are definitely other more natural ways to help with sleep. I honestly kind of felt like xanax to me and I could definitely see how people could get addicted to it. I only took it 3 times then stopped after that.

  • Nimbus


    I was prescribed hydroxyzine for immediate control of symptoms until maintenance therapy became effective. My doctor told me to take it at bedtime and whenever I feel needed, but when I feel better it means the SSRI kicks in and I can stop with the hydroxyzine.

  • Valondra


    I take 50 mg every night for anxiety, and occasionally one or two during the day if I can't calm down. So far I'm pretty happy with it. It's also good for allergies...

  • Anxietyguy05


    I've been prescribed hydroxyzine twice and am currently taking it at night to "help me sleep" with buspar and wellbutrin daily. It hasn't affected me at all and I have extreme physical anxiety symptoms. I've heard of other people taking it and it not really affecting them either so I assume it's pretty common. It hasn't helped with sleep much either.

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