I Find confrontation very overwhelming, when I am the person being confronted, to the point where my emotions scatter and I just start crying. My boss confronted me the other day cuz I was complaining about one small thing and I didn't know how else to handle it beside put on a front around her and cry when she walked away. Is anyone else the same way? If so how do you manage it?
Thank you in advance! :))

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  • Vixly


    I am the exact some way. Confrontation makes me want to cry or actually start crying. For me I live off spite. I’m the type of person who wants to prove other wrong. So for me telling me to not give them the satisfaction of seeing me cry helps. I recognize they aren’t always bad people but just thinking that makes me hold it in.

  • PhoneticElk


    I also do that. I don't have a solution to it though.

  • jacksonbrebner


    I'm the same way. for me being confronted about something makes me feel like I'm the worst person alive and that whoever is confronting me hates me. I'm not sure if you feel the same way but what helps me is to try and remind myself that it's not true! people are allowed to tell me if they have an issue with something and I'm allowed to agree or disagree with the accusation. it can be hard to try and keep this in mind when I'm focusing so hard on trying not to cry though lol.

  • Kairi


    I’m the same way. Or I also get really mad, especially if I’m being confronted over something ridiculous

  • rj.crow


    I almost burst into tears yesterday because my boss reminded me to dump my trash at the end of the day. Unfortunately he reminds me a lot of my dad so that makes it even worse. I tried to shrug it off and listened to some music to calm me down but I ended up needing to vent and cry when I got home.

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