How do you guys cope with it when people tell you that ADHD isn’t real or isn’t that big of a deal? Like, I know they’re wrong and all. It’s been really impairing for me and I have a lot of evidence to prove it. That said, I always let it get to me too much when someone doubts that. I wish I didn’t care what other people thought, but I just do. How do you guys cope with it and care less about what other people think?

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  • Kennyboy


    Ok, now this hits close to home. I’ve been told by a few people that ADHD isn’t a real issue as well… but I don’t really have a specific way of coping with it except just ignoring those people, and thinking that they are uninformed/ignorant. It hurts the most though when it’s someone close to you that doesn’t believe in ADHD. I’d say this issue is one we all experienced at one point or another.

  • armeenis


    Tell them to fuck off! They are fucking retarded! It's like saying that cancer isn't real!

  • Charizard02


    There fucking stupid

  • NiceKitty


    Yeah, they just expect you to grow out of it when you get older, they treat it as if its some type of phases

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