Hi Alikes, I’m new here! I’m very new to medication, so if anyone has any advice about what’s worked for them, I would love to hear it!




Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Nomi


    I take Vyvanse for ADHD. It's helpful for me to wake up an hour early, take my pill, then sleep in for an hour. So it takes effect shortly after I wake up. I also try to eat protein (peanut butter or something) to help my body absorb it. And I drink a lot of water to offset dry mouth. I find that staying hydrated also helps alleviate my ADHD symptoms. I think that advice applies to any other amphetamine.

    • Philosophia


      thank you for the advice! I also have been told to eat protein in the morning, and I am def gonna start eating peanut butter now that you mention it! Also off topic, but I have a puppy named Nomi!

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