I had a really bad waking dream, (essentially my mind is awake but my body isn't, sort of like sleep paralysis, but I can actually move). Usually it's about spiders (either one very large one, hundreds to thousands crawling all over the walls, or egg sacks hatching, and once, (my first) I had one about a dissipating mouse, (think of the Thanos snap, how everyone went dusty, ((but this was before the movie came out))) ~ anyway, I'm not afraid of snakes, and even the poisonous ones, I'm only cautious of. But I had a waking dream about a cobra. It struck at me, it's hood open, and slowly pulled back with it's head down. I know I like dream interpretations, so I've been trying to find a good interpretation. I found one, essentially saying that a person/situation in my life is toxic, which I have a few of those going on/in right now. I just wanted to know, although I've completely pulled away from my family, and those situations I'm in are slowly dissipating, does anyone else have these dreams?

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