hi i am a 20 year old college student who has been struggling this summer. i had a school job at a small quiet bookstore but i live too far away to work there during the summer while at home. so this summer i attempted to find a seasonal job to keep me occupied. however every job i interviewed at stressed me out and made me realize how unqualified i am to do so many jobs bc my depression gets in the way. eventually i just settled for another retail job but after working there for a few weeks i’ve realized that it was the wrong decision. it is too overwhelming and stressful. i get exhausted from the interactions and the fatigue i already feel from my depression. i have decided i want to quit but i feel guilty and useless. i don’t know what kind of job i am supposed to do when my depression is so debilitating. does anyone else relate to this or experience this? do you have any advice for me? i plan on seeing a psychiatrist soon to help me but i wont be able to get an appointment for months. if there’s anything you can give me i would really appreciate it :)


acute lethargy

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  • Meemu


    I get that. Been there. You aren't alone. Meds have helped me, but I still have my days.

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