Does anyone have any tips on getting through panic attacks? Lately deep breathing and medications haven’t been cutting it for me.



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  • Oz_Girl


    Here’s how you can follow the 3-3-3 rule: *Name three sounds you hear. *Move three parts of your body — your fingers, shoulders, and then feet. *And point out three things you see. grounds us to the present moment creating mindfulness that helps us depart from unhealthy emotions”.

  • Oz_Girl


    Talking to people that care and crying it out helped me the most honestly.

  • Sadventurer


    I used to have panic attacks every day, sometimes on public transport, which was a nightmare. I always had headphones on the train, so I managed to connect my breathing and calm feelings to the song “Peace Piece” by Bill Evans. I still sometimes play it when I feel overwhelmed or like I’m going to panic, or when I’m panicking. It’s automatic now. As soon as it starts, my brain starts dropping all the stuff it’s overloaded with and filling up with the music instead. I think it must be similar to meditation. I recommend an emotionally resonant (not devastating!) instrumental song for this technique; the music should pull you out of the fear spiral, with no lyrics to distract you into a new one.

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