I’m about a week and a half into trying Wellbutrin for my bipolar depression. I just got off Prozac to start this, I’ve tried another antidepressant awhile ago I forget the name of. As soon as I got off the prozac I started feeling better, I was in a deep depressive episode for months and I guess the prozac was making it worst. The first antidepressant I tried also made me really dangerously depressed. I know I haven’t tried that many antidepressants yet but here’s number 3 that just makes it worse. It’s spring so I probably won’t naturally get depressed again for a few months (I hope), so I guess for now I will just not be on an antidepressant but… when the depression comes back I’ll have to try more antidepressants. I know meds are a process and I’ve tried a bunch of different stuff since my diagnosis last year, I’ve found 2 that work well. But man… what if I can’t find an antidepressant that works, what if it takes years? How long can I hold out when I get so depressed? I get depression really bad, I’ve never been fully manic. I’m just so worried and frustrated about antidepressants because I don’t know how long it will take to find something that works. They’ve all just made it worse so far.



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  • Dormee


    I heard Wellbutrin is a different kind of antidepressant than any other. I’m on it and it works ok for me. When I took my first Wellbutrin tablet, felt it work immediately. It was pretty amazing, but now it’s just ok. Maybe body built up a tolerance to it. Anyway, I wish you the best in your journey to good mental health!

  • Or


    Responding to my own post because I looked into it and apparently there is a honeymoon phase with Wellbutrin, right after taking it a lot of people immediately feel great, but then they crash. It takes a few weeks for you to actually level out on it. But the initial high is a good sign. In case anyone else could relate to this. Just gotta hold on ig.

    • FinnWren


      honestly I get the honeymoon phase for a lot of my meds. could it be placebo?

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