Please tell me someone on here also struggle with cryophobia (fear of extreme cold) bc nobody understands until I traumadump on them and it's so annoying.
also I need to know if someone relates to these :
- I can't be friends with or date someone that enjoys winter; not the Holiday Season, but the actual winter season.
- I'm extremely extroverted until someone wants to go outside in the snow for a long time
- I cry if I struggle to open the door on a cold day and will need to take a nap after
- I will absolutely pay for heating in the winter before any other bill, even groceries


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  • Arctic


    I personally don't have that exact phobia, but I do have a phobia and can really relate to no one understanding. it seems like people who don't have a phobia or haven't ever dealt with one in the past don't understand them at all. which I can attest to being so extremely annoying. they think it's just a normal level of fear that you can get over by exposing yourself to it once or twice. because that's all they know from their own experiences. phobia-level fear is on a whole other level to normal fear. and you can't truly understand it until you've experienced it yourself. I wish people would at least accept they can't understand it and respect it as such, and still be nonjudgmental and accommodating.

    • BunnieGutz


      I'm writing that down, you're so right

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