Has anyone had trouble getting an official diagnosis? I have a glucometer and my blood sugar gets really low and rarely goes above 80-90 but when I went to an endocrinologist she didn't believe me. She wanted me to drive to the lab WHILE having a low blood sugar incident so she could see for herself because she didn't trust my glucometer (which I can't do because it's too dangerous to drive with low blood sugar). She was also dead set on telling me I must be pre-diabetic despite the fact that my A1C came back at 3 (which is very low). Has anyone had issues with this?

Type 2 diabetes mellitus with diabetic chronic kidney disease


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  • abeautifulcolor


    I recommend visiting a different doctor.

  • CaptainHolmes


    I haven't been diagnosed despite my blood sugar reading at 40 at the ER.

  • vel.maw


    My goodness. Your sugar is low, your a1c says you're not a type 2 diabetic and the fact she didn't believe you and asked you to risk your life show you how incompetent she really is. Please find a new endocrinologist.

  • TheCrowMuse


    My doctors have all been weird about my blood sugar too. I had a doctor say something similar a couple years ago, and another one who just assumed I was lying about eating. I didn't really get officially Diagnosed until last year after a glucose tolerance test given by doctor. Fun fact, you can do that on your own with a glucose monitor and jelly beans (you can find instructions for this online, dosage depends on brand of jelly beans)

  • Dolly111


    I've experienced this too like no regular person goes under 70 after just a couple hours of not eating I dont understand find a new doctor cuz this is life threatening

  • Maggiemom


    My A1C is 4 and I finally found a endocrinologist that said I have reactive hypoglycemia and body actually produces to much insulin

  • danger_zone89


    No one should advise you to drive while low. I almost passed out in my kitchen the other day because I did a small workout before making breakfast. Not safe!

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