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So here recently especially since my mom died I have been having attacks where I start to hyperventilate and just completely shut down. This only really gets bad bad at night but they happen all day. I wonder why they get bad at night, does anyone have the same issue? Anyone can help me? I’m so stressed from lack of sleep especially when I have school 😭

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Newgirllover


    Hi,I am so sorry for your loss. I have the same symptoms, My therapist told me it’s probably more likely to happen at night if you have any triggers/or stress buildup from the day. I try and reduce it by take small breaks for myself like reading, writing, ect anything that helps you destress! Text me if you have any other questions <3

  • loveshespoke


    Hi, love. I'm so sorry - that kind of loss hits hard. You'll get them more at night because you're vulnerable from being tired. It's gonna be okay, though. One thing that helps is creating a calming night ritual to try to minimize them or keep them at bay. It won't ever be foolproof, but it'll give you a sense of control.

  • alara


    i’m sorry for your loss. my younger cousin passed suddenly last year and i have similar attacks (although not worse at night). i don’t have an answer but you’re not alone 💕

  • Mixtape


    It’s very normal that they get bad at night after you’re tired from a long day and also usually more likely to be alone. The quietness of the night lets emotions get louder. Have you talked to a doctor about getting a temporary prescription for sleeping? Something like Xanax could be good to take just for sleeping.

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