Has anyone stopped their medication and nothing happened cause u realized that smoking pot is way bettet


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  • CommaLlama


    I don't recommend going off meds cold turkey because it can cause a lot more problems (I had some nasty withdrawals going off a couple), but cannabis has done more good for me personally than antipsychotics EVER did. I also take a few herbal supplements that have helped.

  • LnP011


    Cannabis has always hurt me the longer I used it. I am powerless to the drug

  • RattleBalls


    Personally i love weed, but i cant be high 24/7. I actually quit two days ago becuase i was smoking a zip a week and i genuinely couldnt get high anymore. Im kinda a all-or-nothing person, so weed isnt a daily medicine but a emergency for when im flipping the fuck out

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