I just got my first cane and I feel so self conscious

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • Catfishlady


    I started using a cane and sometimes a walker and it makes me feel so old and I walk bent over, can’t stand my reflection in glass or mirror, if so old..

    • Mr._Gary


      . Wait until you have to use the electric cart at Walmart! It takes a little getting used to.

      • Catfishlady


        I use it all the time, and I don’t like running in to people I know, asking what’s wrong.

  • Katiedidnt


    Honestly, i know i need one eventually. If people are going to be mean over a cane, shame on them. They arent worth having in your life.

  • Msgicheyaya


    I think we’re alot harder on ourselves than other people would be. I’ve been using a rollator now for @ least 5 years I’m 53 and it’s hard really hard. But am I going to be in more pain bc I’m embarrassed not to use it in front of people I’ll probably never see again (talking about using it in public). The last 2 times we went to Disney and we went to Atlantic City we rented a scooter. I pretty much know now if there is alot of walking involved I have to rent a scooter. I try not to look at the people and the looks the give because I know if they felt what I did they would be in the scooter as well!

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