guys there’s a fair this weekend and i really want to go with my bf. they have rides and games and i want to play the games and maybe go on one or two rides. should i avoid rides entirely? i was thinking maybe a drop ride or the rainbow ride would be safe bets but i’m unsure pls let me know if you have experience with pots and rides!

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  • NewYork


    I don’t think a drop ride would be a good idea, the elevation change can probably mess up your blood pressure. Maybe rides that don’t go up and down to much would be ok. It’s really whatever you feel like is best because different people have different triggers :)

  • Smoores


    The first time I went to a water park after my diagnosis I almost had a literal heart attack on the water slide. It probably affects people differently, but it can be very dangerous for us. I would do something small and work your way up. If you suffer from any dizziness or fast heart rate, I would avoid those rides at all costs!

  • hime


    i think it’s different for everyone. at amusement parks i can ride insane rollercoasters fine but i can’t do all the walking.

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