Does anyone have advice for how to stop masking/putting on my best face so much when trying to make friends? Or, at least, does anyone else feel like this? After talking with my husband he helped me realize that I actually come off as really put together and that I might actually intimidate people…

I tend to drop my accomplishments in conversation to try to impress people and come off as a “smiley yet serious” kind of person. I ask others a lot of questions to get to know the other person and try to be an “older sister” type…even though when by myself or with my husband and some few family members, I’m very bubbly, childish and funny, but can also be anxious and moody…in other words I’m more comfortable being myself.

My husband was a weird situation where I was just…intent on being as “me” as possible right up front so I could know if I should drop him basically, haha. I was also just naturally comfy with him idk. Obviously that worked out but I’m scared other people won’t take quite as kindly to that. I’m just, very much a people pleaser…

But how on earth do I get myself to act this way around potential new friends? It feels so unnatural and scary to act like my weird self around new people. 😣

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