my therapist brought up sending me to residential eating disorder treatment today and god im scared. i dont want to go i feel like i dont need it

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  • Cat.mom.of.4


    This happened to me last winter. The more and more treatment centers were being brought up the worse my eating disorder got. It seemed as if the more attention it was given, the bigger and crazier it grew. I ended up opting out of a residential program and focusing on mindful and free eating with my therapist and it has definitely helped me, personally!

  • ssvmom13


    I suffered Anorexia since I was 9. I'm 53 now, and still struggle with it. 😥. I'm under control now, but occasionally I slip. I've been inpatient in NYC, and outpatient. Learn as much as you can. I had to travel 3000 miles to NYC, for impatient. You can do it! I learned a lot more with outpatient. Good luck!!

  • Officialishness


    I would give outpatient your all. Like devote so much time into it, visit ED specialists, try ED support groups, etc RTCs have the ability to help but should be used as a last resort after you have tried everything you can. One problem personally with ED was that I was (and still sometimes am) in denial - thinking it’s not as bad as it is. I was given an ultimatum to honestly give outpatient treatment my all, or go to RTC unwillingly. I had gone to RTC before so I gave outpatient as much time and effort as I could even though I felt I didn’t need it - eventually I learned skills and gained some weight but you really do have to make the investment of your time and money to work with specialist to make progress and avoid hospitalization.

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