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how do i get out of having an ed, how do i recover?

    • Leot0603


      I had to go to an out patient recovery center. We would meet every week day for about 7 hours. In the time we would eat 2 meals an 1 snack as a group. We also had group therapy and just groups about coping skills. We also had individual therapy there too. Once you started to get better they would cut down your days to only 4 hours then cut down how many days you are there. Some ppl started out with the decrease program because they did not need as much support. There's also residential that you can go to where you stay and sleep there and are there all day. Treatment can sound scary but I was ready to recover and it was the best thing that has happened to me honestly. Treatment may not be for you and some ppl can recover with out going to treatment but if you're really struggling recovering on your own I would honestly look in to it. Do your research and find what facility you think would be best for you

    • eddie.luvs.u


      I'm not sure what type of eating disorder you have, and recovery can look different depending on that, but what helped me was learning that there are truly no "good" or "bad" foods. Sure there are some foods that are more calorie dense or have more nutrients, but what's important is giving your body what it needs. When you feel hungry, eat. Your body will tell you what it needs. Eat a variety offoods, a little bit of each food group if you can, everything is healthy if you eat it in moderation. Food is fuel for life. Even if you did nothing except for exist today, your body and mind still deserves that food. And if you have a problem with bingeing, try taking your time while eating, take it slow. It takes practice, but listen to your body's cues for when you're full so you don't overeat. Or, if you're doing it to cope, try to find an alternative healthy coping mechanism. It's going to take time to heal, everything does, and it's okay if it's not smooth. Healing is never linear, and looks different for everyone. It's okay if you mess up sometimes, if you fall back into old habits sometimes. No journey is ever a straight and smooth path.

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