I will be starting college in a few weeks and am really nervous about how pmdd might affect my life as a college student. Does anyone have any tips for handling pmdd in college?

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

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  • Joie


    Just tracking my period and knowing that I am going into a more stressful time. It reminded me to relax more and not go out and party hard when I was experiencing PMDD, because college had its own stresses. If I didn't pay attention to my time then I tended to get really overwhelmed. Also nowadays I take Zoloft to help me out.

  • Catemm


    I am currently a grad student with PMDD and it helps for me to 1. track my cycle and 2. not be so hard on myself when things get stressful or hard to handle. it’s important to give yourself some space and not be hard on yourself when having a bad symptom day/week.

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