Stuck on Fent single parent with crazy baby mama. Alternative treatments know I gotta stop been a million times before . My daughter is with grandma since basically Covid. I have custody and finally got housing for us but need motivation and pushing and some people to talk to , good parenting advice, medi cal covered therapy reccomends??? Done ibo b4 but need to be on short acting opi 5-6 weeks minimum for it to be effective first!! Hard to do… ??? Thanks

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

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    Jeez nobody?

  • kp79


    I dont know where you are located, but most doctors office's can refer you to where you need to go. Being a good parent is just putting your childs needs before yourself. You must go without so they dont. Its hard. I struggle with sobriety daily. But my son, 7, has everything he needs and most of what he wants. Also, reach out to healthy family members. Non-toxic. Explain how you are trying to make changes, but need support. Good luck my friend.

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