okay so I think I just need to vent or something. i need help and lots of it I have no idea where to go for it. I am a single parent to 2 kids. S has autism, PTSD, anxiety, and sleep apnea. B has brain trauma and intestinal trauma. My family says they will help me but they gaslight and steal from me. I am unable to work because nobody will hire me because of all the appointments and I can't afford a babysitter. I was babysitting some kids at my mom's house until one day she called all the parents without warning and said I am unable to continue babysitting. Her reasoning is that she doesn't want me to anymore. She stole over $5000 I had saved to get my own place and fix my car. I have been selling my clothes and other belongings to pay for babysitters, gas, diapers, formula, food, bills, etc. My WIC will be off for a little over a month because I can't get it renewed because they cancelled my last meeting and couldn't reschedule me until September 13th. The DES office says because I rent a room from my mom and she is a blood relative I have to be 22 to get CA or NA which won't be until December. I was supposed to start babysitting and staying with a friend but they are moving so they no longer need me to babysit and we can't move in. I applied for a single parent grant to a college and got denied because you have to live on campus and we can't live on campus because I have no money to move us and we legally cannot leave the state until my kids biological father is found and arrested. I know where he is and have reported him to the cops and they aren't doing anything. I have nobody to talk to besides the people on this app. My tumors are growing so I don't know what will happen to my kids when I'm gone. most of the time it seems easier to find a good family to adopt them and to just "disappear".

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    First off, BREATHE - big, calming breaths. You’ve been through a lot and you are strong for that. You will make it through this too, take it one problem at a time. Try to think day by day. Look into resources your state/community offers - my state offers cash and food assistance. Consider taking classes online so you don’t have to move yet. Attempt to keep yourself from spiraling, what’s the most pressing issue and what can you do today to work on solving it. You got this, don’t lose hope.

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