Would you recommend going to a specialist for OCD or is any general specialist just as helpful?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • hotpink23


    I have OCD and I think a regular therapist would help

  • Cinnamon


    I would just make sure that the general therapist knows how to do exposure therapy with you. I have ocd too and ERP has saved my life

  • PurpleDog


    It's soooo important to go to an OCD specialist. Some therapists say they understand OCD but really don't and can't do more harm than good

  • michii


    Highly suggest going to an ocd specialist!! I’ve had both regular therapists and an ocd therapist and the ocd therapist understood me way more and knew all the subtypes of ocd,,, highly suggest ocd specialists or therapists who are trained in ocd or know a lot about it

  • BravestToaster


    I agree. Going to an OCF specialist helps A LOT. It can be hard finding someone but it is worth it. I actually have to go to a neighboring city. I live in Idaho and this therapist i see for my OCD is the only one in the whole state 😳 So luckily he is only half an hour away..

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