Hi!! My name is Victoria. I was diagnosed with bilateral disc dislocation in the year 2019. While I have it one both sides, it is at such a severe point now that the cartilage is completely gone on the left side of my jaw and it is now bone against bone. I did a minor surgery where they just went in on both sides and flushed the inner tissue with water and while this method has a 95% success rate, it was not successful on me, I got this surgery around summer of 2020 and haven’t had anymore since. I’m honestly terrified there’s not any other procedures they can do that aren’t extremely extensive.

Temporomandibular joint disorders

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  • FloridaGirl


    Wow. What a rough journey! I'm so sorry you went through that. I've found there are few doctors that really understand TMJ and even then, each of our situations is complex and unique. I hate to say it, but I'd pursue a more invasive surgery if that's what your doctor recommends. If you're bone on bone, you could be doing permanent damage that will be much harder to fix (aka, full reconstruction) later on. None of us want to deal with the invasive surgery, especially with poor results the first time 😕 That is a difficult position to be in. I hope you figure it out!

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