Hi I'm a single mom of three and want to get my weight under control l. I really need as much help as possible.


Overweight & Obesity


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  • Ginny58


    Me too! I've been on every diet out there. Spent thousands... nothing has worked. Considering exploring surgery. I'm about to just give up.

  • Neela


    Me too

  • HopeFaith


    I just started Ozempic. So far so good! Noted for 20% Weightloss of body weight within six months—sometimes longer.

  • Charlyn


    My doctor prescribed me Phentermine. It’s an appetite suppressant. I take it first thing in the morning with a bottle of water, and I don’t feel hungry all day. I eat 3 meals to get my protein in, but my snacking has been cut back astronomically! I’m 3 months in and have lost 10 pounds. 🤗

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