i just had an episode of sorts (am still in it?) but i feel, physically, lightheaded and exhausted, similar to how i do after i take my seroquel at night. any ideas why?

acute lethargy




Bipolar Disorder


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  • Derrick707


    Episodes can be very taxing on the mind and body

  • DitsyDiabetic


    I know I’m a little late here BUT…. I always feel this way after a major episode. Come to find out the severity of my episodes might be bc I (most likely, but not officially yet) have ASD also. I recently found out that it’s a relatively common pairing… couldn’t hurt to get tested. Another common one is bp1 and adhd. Could be you’re dealing with that maybe? Or maybe something else idk about yet? If you wanna ever talk my inbox is open

    • lumiswrld


      i’m diagnosed with bipolar one

      • DitsyDiabetic


        yeah me too. I was reading about it, it’s usually paired with something else as well. Adhd and anxiety are the most common. In my case it’s asd and anxiety

  • Lexgrace


    I’m here❤️

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