So how do you guys deal with past experiences of your undiagnosed state? I feel constantly embarrassed by my past and really wish I had gotten a correct diagnosis when I was younger to avoid all the hurdles as a kid. I really wish I could've avoided all the cringe and done more with my life at a young age. It makes me wish I could've gotten better care.

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  • Derrick707


    For me it hasn't been a black and white one thing, but every process I go through in therapy that has slowly been helping me to see my past through the lens of "I am loved, I am highly valued" rather than "I am ugly, I am worthless".

    • Derrick707


      Also, I feel very similar to you. I often get mad at my parents for paying no attention to the possibility of mental illness. My dad just thought I was lazy and my mom just wanted to baby me. They could only think about their own agendas

  • moosiepo20


    I thought the same thing and told my mother and she gave me some good advice. Just do not think about the past think about the present and if you think to much in the future you might get flustered so try to stay in the present.🤗❤️💕

  • klazikel


    I went through the worst time in my life at 16 before I was diagnosed properly. It was very traumatic. I was in so much pain because of the intensity of the emotions I was feeling. I was diagnosed with major depression. I constantly had suicidal ideation. I numbed myself with drugs and made lots of bad decisions. I knew I was bipolar but my psychiatrist wouldn't diagnose an adolescent with bipolar, so no mood stabilizers. I survived it somehow and am stable now years later but I've always been frustrated that I wasn't diagnosed and treated correctly because of my age. That was back in the 90's. I still have strong feelings when I remember those times, but it helps give me perspective. If I made it through that point in my life, I can make it through anything. Helps me get past the stressors I face today.

  • SapphireRayne


    I was diagnosed very young and I am thankful that my mom didn't lable me in school or otherwise. It was hard to cope with and I was on medication but I feel like it is similar to being undiagnosed. If you don't have help in school and aren't given special attention but you know your different it's hard but also good at the same time because you know there is a reason. However knowing can also make you resentful towards yourself and I most definitely was. I do think it was the best situation for me though because I learned to cope with it and use it to my advantage instead of seeing it as a detriment. Bipolar is a dibilitating issue especially when you have bipolar manic depression or seasonal bipolar depression. Personally I think you have to tell yourself you can't fix something when you didn't know the cause and that may mean you needed better care or more concerned parents but in the end all you can do is control who you are now. It sux to think about what you could have or should have done better but you have to look forward not backward.

  • Anomie


    To be honest, I just really continue forcing myself to think how most people probably don't remember it. Fortunately or unfortunately, most people get wrapped up in their own lives and, from talking to them, you can usually figure out that they don't remember the event or at least not as detailed or clearly and may not, if they do remember, give a shit anymore. Especially if the event was years or months ago most people have worked on moving on and just completely throwing out the memory

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