Hey everyone i need some tips on calming down my social anxiety especially because im going to a camp this week an over night camp and im not aloud to bring my phone to talk to the person who normally calms me down so if anyone has any tips please tell me how to calm it down

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  • PuffPuff


    bring a comfort item, like a stuffed animal, and a self care kit. if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, stay to yourself, and draw, or write in a book. rehearse conversations before you have them. learn everything about the place before you go. and, find people you may know. I hate camps! I get nervous talking to kids my age, especially ones I don't know. my heart goes to you, God bless.

    • lulu2020


      thank you so much i was planning on bringing my favorite stuffed animal but i will try to.use it to help with my anxiety

  • suspiciouscat


    look up coping mechanisms in advance. also maybe talk to camp counselors/directors and communicate your worries and mental state. bring a journal to write in (if that’s something you like). bring everything you need to feel at home. when i went to a camp i brought my sheets, blankets, huge body pillow, heating pad and eye mask to sleep there for 3 nights. getting a good nights rest can help reduce anxiety. i’m always more anxious when i’m tired. usually when i’m in a situation and i get very nervous i go to the bathroom to calm down and come back to the situation when i’m ready. i wish you the best of luck at camp and i think you’ll have lots of fun and make new friends.

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