Does anyone else experience having to pee all the time with anxiety? For some reason my brain makes me have to pee if I leave my house and if I can't see a toilet in my sight I panic but if I see a toilet out in public like walmart I don't need to pee anymore?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Dillybop


    That’s very interesting that you experience that. I have to pee a lot but I think it’s because I just started drinking more water than usual. The brain is such a mysterious mistress. 🤔

    • Pumpa


      yeah I agree like exactly when I need to pee I don't anymore when I know there is a bathroom where I'm going it's crazy

  • MysticMisty


    I used to do that as a kid. Excitement would be percieved as anxiety through my system and make me have to find the restroom asap. Always happened in movie theaters and long car trips. Maybe you can retrain your brain by tricking it somehow?

  • slothtastic36


    yes definitely! between the anxiety itself making me have to pee and the fact that one of my coping behaviors is drinking water, i swear i have to pee all the time

  • amiaamia


    YES i overthink and convince myself i have to until i do all the time

  • rhiannon_black


    YES. only i dont not have to pee. every time i go to the bathroom i can pee but that could be another condition idk abt lol but yes i constantly have to pee

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