I need to get my ass some ADHD medicine

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Damen


    Wow.. ironic. I have had the worst week. I got arrested for trespassing on railroad tracks that I have to cross over to get to my house. Before the incident, I had so much going on in my head. Im trying to run a successful business, maintain and hopefully refurbish a house that has worse termite damage than ive ever seen, keep my 1996 dodge ram 1500 on the road... I started getting in really really bad moods really easily. The smallest things set me off now.. im so on edge all the time because I can't seem to control my thoughts. They just race and tend to be worse case scenario type thoughts because I need to be prepared for the worst. Im potentially facing federal charges. I have a brother who's a lawyer and my family has loads of money. I dont. I dont seem to have very good luck when it comes to finances. For whatever reason its just always been that way. I get by, but thats about it. Anyway, before I bore you away from this post, my point is that a friend of mine and I were discussing my situation and how I've been feeling, and suggested that I needed to be on some kind of ADHD meds, as I was diagnosed at age 15. So, he gave me some if his to try, it was Adderall. I was feeling down, hopeless, scatter brained, worried, overwhelmed and anxious, like I have no control over my thoughts (among other things). I took half of a 30mg Adderall and felt almost completely normal for the first time in years... it absolutely blows me away how much it helps me. I can think clearly, stay focused and on task, I forget things ALOT less, and overall just feel like I have that control and can manage. I would ask your doctor about it. I've suffered for far too long. I hate that I am just now making this realization and I will most likely have issues getting it from a doctor because im already prescribed suboxone and klonopin. I hope you get things figured out, I know where you're at and how you feel for sure.

    • OkeyDokey


      what a lovely story, thanks for sharing that!

  • marty.t


    I've tried cannabis

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