I used to take Ativan for my anxieties. I really do miss it sometimes, but I've been coping without it with being on Buspar & Visteral. IDK, should I bring this up with my psychiatrist?



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  • EDSwarrior


    i would suggest bringing it up with your psychiatrist. i am in a similar situation, i am coping with my anxiety being on gabapentin but i am still able to be prescribed a few ativan every few months for bad anxiety/ptsd attacks

  • Rona


    ❤️💕🙏yes, I'll do that in the morning. She's in town on Mondays anyways & I need to speak to her about something else anyways. Thank you.

  • Sandoll


    Xannax 90 every 3 months for 15 years my doctor has never suggested anything else. It is meant for panic attacks. Now I don’t take that many but I have them in case. That’s one .5 mg a day

  • Jess_Riley_Hunter


    I'm on several of these medications. I'm in Ativan, klonipin. Yes absolutely talk to your provider. I'm going to call my on Tuesday

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