when i was younger I used to be really interested in school. I liked going to school and learning my favorite subjects and hanging out with my friends.
But as i realized in about 7th grade when i would be sitting in class, people would be talking and it made it hard for me to focus on individual tasks. for example, when im trying to read and hear someone talk, i lose my spot in the book and cannot focus on the words making me reread the paragraphs about 5 times a piece.
ive had adhd since i was 7-8 years old, and ive always been adjusting but its been really difficult especially sitting in school trying to focus when theres a hundred other things going on, it gets really frustrating, i tend to forget what im learning a lot and most of the time ill fall so far behind i break down and give up. ive packed my bookbag up in the middle of class.
ADHD is not something i used to think of as a challenge, but getting older and learning to manage it while including my social life into my personal space is definitely something i need help with, especially for school

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

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    I haven’t been diagnosed but I am so sure I have adhd my dear pvssy.bacon. I used to be great at school, then high school hit. All of a sudden i wasnt turning in assignments and was spending class fighting daydreams or talking to people. My mental and physical health has just been deteriorating over the years. I’m basically positive I have it, but my mom doesn’t think I have it since my big brother had it and he was WAY different. It makes me nervous to try and bring it up to anyone. Especially since I attempted to bring up the fact I was OCD to my psychiatrist and practically got shut down. Its been a good source of grief for me

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    Also you got a rad name i hate it

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