I got two loads of laundry done today!!! #depressionsuck
I know it seems small but it's the most I've done in days




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  • Shilpas


    Doesn’t seem small to me at all, good job, be proud of all the things you accomplish. ❤️

  • Brit2


    It's what we can get done that counts! I finally took a shower!

    • crypticvampire


      I'm trying to work up that today too. I feel gross but can't seem to care much

  • Deanka



  • Jennynicole345


    That’s awesome!!😊

  • ChloeMae


    That’s amazing! 🤗

  • JoMo


    Good job!! 🤗

  • Harley.Q


    YAYYY!!! And I agree that ain't a small feat I am slowly getting myself out of my bed and making sure I do what I can last night even with covid and coughing my head off I did a load of towels and rinsed the dirty dishes in the sink since it seems like no one else in my household knows how to rinse a dish after using it... I'm not gonna wash them but I do make it easier for them to wash it themselves cause if they ain't gotta be scrubbed to me that's way better then crusty dishes and knats and ant galore lol but yes very much so be proud of what you can accomplish even if it's picking up trash on the floor or wiping the counter off something is always better then nothing!!!

  • LotusFlower


    Keep up the progress 👍 you're doing great hun 💕

  • GingerSnapple


    Go you, laundry can be a very draining task!

  • SoniKuri


    Better something than nothing my parents always say. My mom says staying busy keeps your mind off of things. Give the rest to God 🙏🏻 You're not alone. I battle with my depression daily. I could write ✍🏻 a book 📖 on my life but I don't want to make the world sad 😞

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