I have so many regrets and missed chances in my life. Not all of which I had control over, but for the ones I did I will never truly get over. I have no closure. It seriously sucks because I keep having dreams/nightmares about former classmates, yet I have no way of contacting or seeing them again. I still live in the small town we all grew up in, but I never go out, and I'm sure they've mostly moved away to do better things. Whereas I got dropped from the roster in 10th grade due to missing too many days from being sick, and I have yet to manage completing my adult high school program. So yeah I'm pretty sad about being a failure, and not being able to see some classmates and school crushes I actually cared about in such a dark time of my life.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • spatula


    The fact that you're still thinking about it and trying to do it and surviving even whan it's hard already shows that you're not a failure! I lost touch with everyone I went to high school and college with except one person and its so strange having so many memories from that period of my life but no one to talk about those experiences with! I can't help much more than advice and listening but if you ever want to talk I'm only a message away ❤️

    • Rahja


      Thanks, I greatly appreciate that. 🙏🏾

  • squeakthis


    The fact that you're still thinking about it and want to do better is a very good thing. If you ever want to talk I'm only a message away.

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