I've been type one since I was 10 years old so almost 20 years now. I have always had great control over my diabetes, ate well and exercised often. Over the last 12 months or so I've had so many problems. I've seen several specialists and 75% of the time have been told to lose weight. I'm curious if anyone else is or has experienced any of these symptoms because my doctors either don't know or don't seem to believe me. I've gained over 45 pounds in the last month (not due to unhealthy eating or over eating), constant high blood sugar especially in the mornings when I wake up, horrible fatigue, swelling all over, I'm always super thirsty, I have muscle weakness, joint and body aches all over and constantly, lots of nausea and gastrointestinal issues, and I've become irritatable. My blood sugar is high so often and for no reason whatsoever. My endocrinologist has increased my pump settings so much over the last year that I use almost double the insulin I used to and for the last 7 or 8 months I've been having to take metformin. I've religiously followed a diet plan and exercised alot and only continued to gain weight. I'm at my wits end. Does anyone have any advice?


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  • Heidi_Black


    I don’t have advice but if you’re open to it there’s this program I’m on that has helped me lose about 35-40 lbs so far and has made it WAY easier for me to stay in a healthy range with my blood sugar levels as well as SO many other health benefits like better sleep, more energy, less brain fog, etc! This health program was created by a doctor for type 2 diabetics specifically but it has blessed so many people with a wide variety of different health issues. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and I don’t know if it’s the weight loss or less inflammation in my body and joints (or both), but it’s helped me with the pain in my joints too! It was so painful for me to play with my son on the floor, get in and out of the car, go up and down the stairs in our house, etc. This program has changed my whole life and I have high hopes it can bless your life as well! If you’re interested feel free to message me about it! I’ll message you privately so you can talk to me more easily :)

  • Angel1982


    I am type one too and my doctor gave me a healthy diet and helped me Kee my levels down and I’m not on

  • Angel1982


    I’m not on metformin anymore. I’ve learned to somewhat control it. My parents have type 2 and they said sometimes it’s hard to control it but there doctor is on top of there care.

  • KGO


    Have you been tested for celiac?

  • Ruchama


    All I can think of is maybe you developed some other health problem that's affecting your diabetes. I'm not sure what you could get tested for, but maybe that line of thinking will help you find answers.

  • HocusPocus


    Has the metformin made any difference? I don't think it's the only thing you have going on, but it definitely sounds like some of your symptoms could be from severe insulin resistance

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