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I'm struggling to lose weight and have done for the last 5 years since my youngest was born. I'm now 41, overweight and classed as obese. Just had a wellness check done and my bloods have come back normal however, I still think I may have a risk of diabetes. Anyone been in the same position as me?

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    • Mrnatural


      I used an online program called noom to track what I eat and change my eating habits. Learned a lot about nutrition . Started off at 220 , now down to 180 and staying there.

    • Mrnatural


      I used an online program called noom to track what I eat and change my eating habits. Learned a lot about nutrition . Started off at 220 , now down to 180 and staying there.

    • Zebrapotato37659


      I’ve heard cutting carbs helps or eating clean 5 days of the week and 2 days are cheat days. Pinterest has some great recipes to make meals healthy that taste I wouldn’t do the gluten free bread unless you have too tho :)

    • Jelly_JellyFish


      I have, I was constantly gaining weight because of meds, and no matter how many times I tried to go on a diet it didn’t help me loose any weight until I decided to go on a really strange diet. I basically eat close to no carbs every other day and eat all the carbs I want for the rest of the days. Over time it’s helped me cut down on unhealthy eating and I’ve lost and kept off a lot of weight. And it’s easier then regular dieting because you have “cheat days” every other day. I only have to be strict with the low carbs every other day and it’s been the best diet I’ve ever been on

    • Christie86


      I just found out I'm a diabetic and I gave over thirty pounds trying to loose but since my asthma been acting up I can't loose weight I'm on steroids and it making even harder I can't even do exercises without having problems to breathe

    • Ash87


      I am overweight, been struggling to lose for years. High risk for diabetes due to genetics. It is still high risk for diabetes just by being overweight. My weight gain is menopause weight and that's really hard to lose. As long as you watch what you eat, balanced diet, moderation, lower added sugar, it should be okay.

    • Iamkitkat


      My blood work was always normal, even now, with hbp. I'm almost a decade younger but since November I'm lost almost 100lbs by walking/hiking 1-2hrs a day and eating healthier. I eat very repetitive meals with the mindset that food is for survival, not enjoyment (though I've come to really like what I eat now). I try to use DASH as my guide but I'm not super strict. The basic idea is to cut out most prepackaged/processed foods for high protein/fiber, low sodium/fat. It's quite a bit of rice bowls, greens and grains bowls, and dark chocolate covered almonds for dessert. It will drive you insane trying to find foods with low sodium and a lot of it is cooking from scratch but places like Trader Joe's really are a Godsend for this diet. If you want examples of what I eat, I can post it here, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I didn't think I'd ever lose weight but I quite enjoy the challenge of finding new meals I like. (Hint, quite a bit of them are Asian and Mexican foods but in a healthier form)

      • Manni


        @Iamkitkat that sounds great. Yes please, if you can post what you eat, I am vegetarian and eat plant based food as well.

        • Utahperson


          @Manni Do you know about low carb vegan?

    • Odilia


      Ive struggled for many years with my weight and throw in menopause and it's even harder!

      • Grandma4ever


        @Odilia I can relate

    • Natuk


      I'm similar but it's my triglycerides that a bit out of range, nothing too worrying but something to try and improve on. I'm 43 xx

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