Does anyone get nervous or anxious when having to open up to new people? I have to talk to new temporary therapist while my therapist is out on leave. And doesn't come back for another month. And im nervous and wondering if it is even worth it. Or if I should just cancel it. I know I have been having breakdowns.

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  • CJ


    You don't have to spill your guts to get something out of therapy. Even if you never meaningfully open up to the temp therapist, y'all can still do other less personal things. Maybe you could just talk about how you feel uncomfortable opening up to new people and work around that a little? Share however much or little you're comfortable with sharing. Maybe you can work on less personal things like mindfulness exercises or something. No therapist is going to expect you to be comfortable with them the first few times you see them, the temp therapist will have other things y'all can do or talk about if they're any good. Plus remember "I don't want to talk about that" is all you have to say to not talk about something.

  • lillypod21


    Thank you. Our first session went pretty good. And she seemed to know what she was talking about so it helpful. And she seemed really nice. And understanding what I needed

  • Emma37


    It's sounds totally normal! Its hard to open up to new people and especially to talk about your life and all your thoughts and feelings. I dont think you should cancel though! Maybe give it a try or two? Maybe the therapist will understand your struggle and you could talk about it. Good luck 🤗

  • CJ


    I'm happy to hear it went well!

  • Tomato


    Hey, I was diagnosed with social anxiety. It took me more than 10 meetings before I started to open up with my therapist. I know it’s not easy to talk and be frank with a new person. I think you should bring that up at the beginning of the conversation, and I believe he would know how to act

  • rockstar


    I have social anxiety, all my life I didn't know what to do. One day my doctor started medication. Helps a littlt.

  • Mela


    Hey! In this case I wouldn’t call it new people as it’s not just a new colleague, but a temporary therapist! it’s hard enough to open up to your old one so it makes perfect sense. I would talk about it in therapy and see what comes up. Good luck!!

  • YaYa631908


    I'm the same way, but if it's someone new, discuss something like pets, music, favorite restaurants. This helps me relax around new person and helps me talk to them.

  • Quinee


    I am glad to hear that the first meeting was a success! It's good to know how sometimes our biggest fears dissipate. All it takes is believing in ourselves and the people around us!

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