Hi I'm Kelly, I was diagnosed with Crohns in 2014. My symptoms are coming back and getting worse, recently I have to make a bag to put in my school bag with my emergency supplies for my Crohns. I feel invalid bc I don't have a ostamy or feeding tube. lol so hey

Crohn's Disease (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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  • Fernworld


    No experience is invalid. It’s tough when we have to prepare for not feeling well in our day to day. I understand.

  • Tokyo


    Hey Kelly, I can relate to your story. My crohn's forces me to always be ready for things to get worse.

  • Elizabeth410234


    Hey Kelly. I know how that feels. I’m starting to experience more of a flare up because I had to stop taking one of my medications. Don’t feel ashamed about needing to take that bag. Whatever you can do to make things easier for yourself is good. And you’re thinking ahead and trying to help yourself out. Crohn’s symptoms can get better. Sometimes it’s really bad and other times the symptoms can go into remission. Hang in there, you’ll be in a better place with it again I promise. You are strong and you are valid!

  • s.jco


    Like some of the other comments have said, your issues are NOT invalid because you don’t have as severe of Crohn’s as maybe someone else. Crohn’s is at it’s core an invisible illness, and I think anyone with Crohn’s, severe or not, would not wish it upon anyone. We all understand.

  • LeiaRose


    Hey Kelly please don't feel like your experience is invalid. If you have crohns then you have it, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing what you can to feel most comfortable. I wish you luck! 💕

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