Hello everyone! I've had Crohn's disease since I was in high school but took a decade to get officially diagnosed. I've has 2 bowel resections along with numerous other surgeries. a year ago my colon stopped functioning properly and I had no other choice but to have surgery to get an ileostomy bag. I also have a port in my chest so I can administrator 3 liters of IV fluids daily. Life has been a struggle ever since. I've found that dating is practically obsolete now because men aren't comfortable with my ostomy bag and the port weirds them out. I won't lie... I've been down in the dumps because of everything and feel like I'm not worthy of anyone.

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  • Nekowafers


    You will find someone who doesn’t care about the ostomy bag. Anyone who is that superficial is not worth the time. ❤️ I don’t have an ostomy bag but my bf has been with me through lots of very humiliating situations related to my disease and he doesn’t look at me any differently.

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  • JoJo7040


    Before you let your doctor remove your Colon , you should try fix your root cause of your disease…. I have seen so many people get cured from Chron’s disease without even medication!!

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