is it normal to develope worsening anxiety symptoms out of the blue? I've always been a bit if an anxious person but only in the last year has it grown to the severe point in which I was diagnosed with GAD and hypochondria. it seemed to just start one day and changed my life. is this normal for people with these kinds of disorders?

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  • Waffle1


    Yes it’s completely normal. I’ve been anxious since I was a child. Never had too many problems other than ocd until last year. My anxiety worsened without warning and I experienced all sorts of new symptoms that made me think something was wrong with me. If something happened to you in the past year that might have pushed your anxiety over the edge that’s mostly likely what caused your symptoms and anxiety to increase and to change abruptly. But no worries you’re not alone plenty of people with anxiety issues have this happen too including me! Wish you the best good luck!

    • Cam99


      thanks for the advice! And yeah there's a few things that could've triggered it, I had to have an emergency surgery, and I had a bad break up so it could've been either of those or both. But whatever it was its good to know I'm not alone!

      • Waffle1


        no problem if you even want/need to talk feel free to text me anytime ^^

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