Does anyone have any good advice on how to avoid or help ease panic attacks/ meltdowns/ anxiety attacks? I've been having a whole cluster of them this past week and I need help, please and thank you!

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • NonbinarySlytherin


    Chocolate. Tea. And having people around to support you.

  • Rindylou


    Maybe CBD. It helps me, there is no THC in the brand I use

  • Nickminus


    Meditation and mindful breathing are ways my therapist has taught me to come down from one. They feel silly sometimes, but I was having a really bad one recently that could have gone a lot longer, but I tried this (breathing as long and deep in as I can while picturing the emotion I want to feel, such as peace or calm; holding it, then swallowing, forcing a smile if I’m not out in public; then letting it all go in a big huff while picturing the negative feelings that drove me to that point; then repeating the whole process four or five times) and managed to calm down enough to function and blend in with a crowd for the hour or so I had left until I could go home. And then don’t forget to take care of yourself afterward - drink some water, maybe eat something healthy, listen to some good music or do something you love. I hope it gets easier for you <3

  • Mimini


    I started using another app 2 weeks ago called Finch. It really helps with grounding exercises and such. You can pay for a membership, but it's not necessary.

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