my boyfriend doesn’t really understand why I SH and he gets pretty upset with me when I do. I have no idea how to explain how hard it is or that I can’t just stop doing it immediately.


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  • Stronger_Now


    Hello, I encourage you to reach out to a mental health professional immediately. Your boyfriend just doesn't want anything bad to happen to you. Reach out to family and friends for help as well so they can check in on you. I promise it will get better, just be patient with yourself. ❤️

  • little_boo


    explain to him that for some time in your life, SH was one of the only things that helped your situation in your mind. when you’re in a state of mind like that, anything that takes away from the sad and dull can seem like a good thing. SH is addicting just like any drug because of the emotional release a person gets when they do it. the only difference is that SH is far more accessible, so relapse is almost inevitable. just like with any addiction, people who SH are always recovering, and recovery is not a smooth road. i was clean for almost 2 years before a major depressive episode earlier this year. i relapsed, but i’m not ashamed. battling addiction is hard, and you should emphasize to your boyfriend that what you need is support, not criticism.

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