Where should I start on researching my diagnosis of fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Generalized pain

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  • anemone


    a pain/symptoms journal might help? just write down what youre experiencing for pain, physical/mental fatigue, or other symptoms (even if you think they might not be related). anything weird about how your body works that annoys you or impairs you in any way, it makes it easier to narrow down what bothers you the most and you can focus on treating those symptoms

  • Sonder0723


    Of course you want to read reputable sources, medical websites and research journals, stuff like that. But for me that only helped so much, I needed places like this to talk to other people with fibro because it’s a very commonly misdiagnosed condition, so I wanted to make sure I was relating to other people with fibro so I could be sure my doctor wasn’t making a mistake. There’s also a decent fibromyalgia subreddit, if you wanted to check that out.

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